I gaze in amusement at the woman across the street;

her expression of disgust as she notices the man across from her –

his eyes trailing a scantily clad woman’s behind.

And I think to myself (while laughing out loud),

goodness gracious, how preposterous human beings can be!

and it suddenly dawns on me,

how ridiculous I must look to another passerby.

How he or she is probably thinking: ‘what is that smug son of a bitch laughing about?’.

but then relief sets in,

as I realise that his/her thoughts will soon be occupied by more pressing matters,

such as a YouTube video s/he’s just opened on their phone, or

lo behold, another hot piece of ass that comes into their line of vision.

Because, you know, the world is a really interesting place,

there’s so much other stuff to see, to feel, to hear, to do,

than to focus on the momentary opinions of strangers on the street.

I trudge home, with a bit of a swagger now, assured in my belief.

My day is complete.

I realise how how goddamn happy I am

to know that I couldn’t care less about the opinions of those,

of those who don’t know me.

Not one fucking bit.


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